Deacon Greg mentioned Dom Deluise’s death on his blog and growing up with his comedic antics, I was indeed a fan. He had such great timing and such great slapstick energy. Such as on this scene–one of my favorites from the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson:

While the Cannonball Run was probably his silliest role, I’m fond of a little known Burt Reynolds movie called The End. It’s not a superb film but when you’re a little kid, it’s hysterical. Deluise plays a mental patient who agrees to help Burt Reynolds kill himself after a failed suicide attempt lands him in a mental ward. The slapstick hilarity begins there.

My favorite scene: Reynolds goes to confession for what he thinks will be his last time to a young priest who in fact, is hearing his first confession.

Reynolds: “I have a hard time calling you Father!”
Priest: No problem, just call me, Dave.”
Reynolds: (Kneeling in confessional booth): “Bless me, Dave for I have sinned…”

(laugh track)

Reynolds (enumerating his sins): “Oh yeah, I sell real estate.”
Priest: “That’s not a sin.”
Reynolds: “It is the way i sell it!”

(laugh track)

Deluise was always happy in his role as show stealer from Reynolds and that spoke volumes to me. He never really got top billing in the movies he was in but in a sense, was at least publicly happy “to be typecast” and relished each second on screen. A lesson for us all.

So rest in peace, Captain Chaos, the world will miss you!

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