I’ve been doing a bunch (and I do mean a bunch) of workshops for the Diocese of San Jose over the past two days, hence the lack of blogging (I’ve missed you too!). And the time I have spent with them has not merely been fruitful for them (I pray!) but also has renewed my own faith in the clergy in many ways.

These guys are very concerned about serving the needs of young adults in their diocese–a place where 87 different languages are spoken and lives in the heart of silicon valley. How do they bring people into that contemplative and spiritual space? I’m hoping that at least some of them begin to do at least one of the many things that both and and that they themselves have suggested. They’re off to a good start their Bishop, Most Rev. Patrick J. McGrath is already twittering.

But more than simply serving the needs of young adults I’ve been moved by their fraternal love for one another and for the respect they have for their Bishop and he for them. It’s rare to see a diocese so close knit and I think these men are relishing the time they spend here on this working retreat together. Our time has been filled with hard work, joyous singing, sharing the eucharist and then being together around mealtime. The weather has been kind and I’m sitting in the shade now enjoying the California climate.

So please keep these men and the people they serve in your prayers. I’ll have at least two interesting stories of people who serve here upcoming.

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