Mom’s a bit better–so thanks for the prayers.

Let us pray today for those who struggle with family problems. People who are facing divorce, difficult children, financial burdens, foreclosures and unemployment.

May God bring them closer to one another and remind them of their love for each other and their commitment to doing God’s will by loving when it’s not particularly easy to do just that.


For what else shall we pray?

0 thoughts on “Today’s Prayer”
  1. Prayers of gratitude for Mom doing better and prayers of hope for days to come.

    And as for those burdened and dealing with relationship, housing and so forth, may they feel the presence, support and love of God in every moment.

    (your prayer posts have inspired me to post an Ascension to Pentecost novena in the coming days… thank you and God bless.)

  2. For Victims Advocates, and others who must listen to tales of abuse and work for reconciliation.
    What a difficult job that must be.

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