Pics from Deacon Greg

Deacon Greg has posted pictures of my recent visit to the Studio over at New Evangelization TV–where he serves as the news director. Rather than steal them, just jump over to The Deacon’s Bench and give them a look-see! I don’t even look fat!

We barely scratch the surface on ministering to youth and young adults but I liked the segment and thought we gave a good overview. Matt McClure (pictured right) was an excellent anchor for the segment, which I can say as a former media person. He comes to the station from Atlanta and they made fun of the fact that he doesn’t yet have a desk–he’s using a fold out table at this point. I said to him, “Well at least you got a nice Mac computer.” Nice guy with a great sense of humor. Welcome to the Big Apple Matt.

The show is scheduled to run June 10th.

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