Taking a Brief Vacation

Blogging will cease here until Firday (most likely) as I am spending two days on vacation. I’m not really going anywhere just spending time with the wife and dog (pictured here)–but am trying to rejigger the energy which has been waning of late.

At times, doing nothing on vacation often drives me crazy but over the last few years I’ve found that it’s been good for me to shut things off. So I’ll see you all on Friday and hopefully have some good insights from the downtime.

By the way, pray for Fr Dave Dwyer who twisted his knee somehow and is hobbling on crutches.

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  1. Spend some beautiful and refreshing time with Marion and Haze. When you find yourself fidgeting – or if you just have a moment, read Psalm 46:10.Then breathe.Peace to you and prayers for Fr. Dave!


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