Paul Jarzembowski from Spiritual Popcorn did a great reflection revolving around the movie Up.

Have you ever had the experience of watching someone on television half your age who has accomplished so much already? I know I have, and it leaves me with a frustrated feeling that I have not really had the chance to leave my mark on this world.

That’s what old Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) felt, too, in the Pixar film Up. Sure he enjoyed his life, but he never realized all the dreams that he and his wife Ellie had over the years. The two of them always wanted to explore Paradise Falls in the jungles of South America, but life got the best of them.

In a scrapbook, they never got to fill in the pages marked “Things I’d Like To Do.” And after Ellie dies, Carl dwells alone in his frustration.

But soon, adventure calls – when the city wants Carl’s house torn down and Carl put into a retirement village. With thousands of helium-filled balloons, Carl charts a course for Paradise Falls, away from everyone but his happy memories.

I kept thinking back to Carl’s scrapbook throughout the movie. How many times have I daydreamed about all the “Things I’d Like To Do” too?

Check out the rest here…a fine review of a great movie.