This might be the funniest Princess and the Priest ever! These short videos that ask the questions of marriage prep in a creative way.

Check it out. I just love the crack addict rabbit that pokes his head out.

0 thoughts on “Reading the Velveteen Rabbit at a Wedding??!!”
  1. Are you sure? They mention that the VR as a fictional work that is not part of our salvation history is the reason why it doesn't belong in the "canon". They "get it" as an allegorical work obviously, and don't deny that the piece as a work of fiction and literature may indeed have some relevance–just not in the spot for religious works of salvation history –which the Velveteen Rabbit is not.

  2. Why can't wedding readings be fun, light-hearted, and still be meaningful? Maybe because I'm not Catholic I don't understand this. This is a ridiculous video and that priest is pretty boring too, just like the liturgy readings he's suggesting to choose for a wedding. Have a little fun and lighten up; God won't banish you to hell for actually entertaining people at your wedding, rather than putting them to sleep. I'm choosing this reading for my wedding, because it reminds me of my childhood and it has an excellent message about love.

  3. Kelly–

    I would say this in response to your comment (which I totally can understand): The problem isn't with the readings themselves, the problem is with the proclamation. Lectors at weddings are usually the groom's best friend or cousin who hasn't even looked at the scripture reading until the day before and who doesn't have the foggiest idea how to make the stories come alive.

    The readings that Fr Eric suggested are far from boring if you actually look at them. (Actually they're kinda racy!). We used a reading from the book of Ruth which is a very touching story about a daughter who remains committed to her mother in law after the death of their husbands. The lector at our wedding had people riveted to her every word.

    Lastly, life is not always "fun and light-hearted" and to start out marriage with an assumption that life is always going to be "just peachy keen" is not a good idea and irresponsible.

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