Deacon Greg Kandra had me come over to the studios of New Evangelization Television last week and the episode aired last night but for those of you outside the NY area can watch the entire episode on You Tube. Currents, the show I was on is a nightly news show from a Catholic perspective and I have to say it is a great watch. Check it out.

In this particular episode, besides some recent news on the Markey Bill which has grabbed major headines in this area, Lino Ruilli interviews Justin Fatica, the founder of Hard as Nails Ministry which features a drill-sergeant-like youth minister who uses the same kind of tactics in connecting youth to Christ.

That’s where I come in with Marilyn Santos, Coordinator for youth ministry for the Diocese.

Thanks to Deacon Greg for the invite and to all the staff members at Currents. Here’s to a bright future!

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  1. I loved watching this – I have been trying to catch this program on You Tube when I can in general. Thanks for highlighting this episode.

    Since I met you in about a month ago Mike, I have been giving a lot of thought to reaching young Catholics. As you know, my blog is actually not youth focused – although all are welcomed there, of any age and any parish- anyone period!

    I love what you say about showing how life and church are not so far apart in order to reach the "eclipsed."

    Marilyn Santos made some excellent points and I completely agree that WYD, or whatever, is more about what happens as a result.

    I have a lot more things on my mind but I don't want this comment to ramble on and it is too early in the day for me to be more articulate and concise!


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