A hat tip to Deacon Greg for pointing me to this picture. This is possibly the worst picture of all time. These are protesters at the funeral of abortion doctor George Tiller. If these people are really pro-lifers than why are they insisting that this man’s death by murder is a good thing. Their vengeful ideal that they attribute to God is ludicrous and bad theology. I find it hard to believe not only that there are people in the world who are this STUPID but also this hateful.

This is a major detraction to the pro-life movement. Unfortunately, these people are the ones who represent the pro-life movement to the world because the news media has to cover these outlandish stories instead of the people who do the hard work of the pro-life cause, like those who work at pregnancy crisis centers.

Today, let us pray for respect for all life and that we can work together for life without violence and hatred.

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