Dancing in the Aisles is permitted..at least in this church

Now I know how I’m celebrating the renewal of vows ceremony on my 10th anniversary! A HUGE hat tip to Deacon Greg for forwarding me this. It actually made me cry to see a couple this enthusiastic about getting married.

Now go dance with your partner! You know you wanna…

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  1. Googler…I'm glad I'm not the only one who had tears in his eyes. I thought there was something wrong with me đŸ™‚ Deacon Greg


  2. I guess we're just a couple of "not so old" softies. And there is something clearly wrong with you (and me for that matter) it's just not this.


  3. I came via FranIAm and got misty watching it too. You cannot have a procession like this where there is not a lot of love and joy, the two truest marks of the Spirit.


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