So I’m walking up the street wearing (of all things) A Chicago Cubs jersey. They were playing at Citi Field that night against the Mets and my buddy and I were headed to the game. I was on my cellphone talking with a priest who I respect very much about a fairly important piece of business.

Suddenly some guy jumps in front of me and starts screaming (OK I will try to clean this up just a tad!)

“Holy Cow! You bought that piece of (crap) Cubs jersey?! You actually spent money on that piece of (crap)?! You’ve gotta be kidding me spending money on that bull(crap) team!”

Me: “Um, excuse me, but can you see that I’m on the phone here?”

Guy: “I don’t give an eff what you’re on. You must be on effing heroin if you bought something like that piece of crap.”


I just went back to my call and the priest on the other end of the line said:

“I know, only in New York.”

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