Leaving: Harder Than I Thought…

Cleaning an office of nine years of work, memories and “general-crap-I’ve-accumulated” is not that easy–phyiscally or emotionally. I’ve found myself overwhelmed by the sheer piles of boxes in my home and office and the things that I’ve found that have brought back jarring memories. These include:

-The first drafts for what we thought Busted Halo® should be.

– My original proposals for the Paulist Young Adult Ministry. (Which included website, radio and retreat ministry–check!)

– Original book manuscripts for Googling God with notes scribbled on them by the now, deceased Fr Michael Hunt, CSP (sniff) who many of you knew as the blogger, Westside Paulist.

– One ring pop. (Which my wife gave me after I proposed to her as her engagement ring to me–she even got down on one knee!).

– Signs and assorted notes from the BustedHalo.com® launch party (which after that I was banned from ever doing any artwork by Fr Brett Hoover, CSP, our original director and a genius who just finished his doctoral degree at Berkeley.

– Two old cell phones (recycle!)

– Lots of old pictures. Including the first picture anyone ever took of Marion and I.

– Old reel to reel tape from my college days (I haven’t figured out why I’m saving those exactly).

– Retreat memories (I will miss the Oak Ridge Retreat Center very much).

It looks like I will retain some role with BustedHalo.com® from afar. I’ll let you know what that is when it becomes official.

It’s been so hard to say good bye and I know tomorrow will be a celebration of 9 years of accomplishment and joy—but I am really gonna cry from start to finish. No surprise there for those who know me well, but still, I may set a new record. Buy your kleenex stock now!

We are off to do two final Busted Halo podcasts today. Yikes. 217 podcasts! Out of the Haze will become it’s own podcast soon (Maybe even a video cast!).

Keep me in your prayers for transition.

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  1. We are excited and ready for your arrival. Know of our prayers for you and Marion as you make this transition. thanks for saying "Yes" to God's invitation even when it means difficult goodbyes. Patty


  2. I feel overwhelmed for you, just reading this. It is a lot to deal with.One foot and then the other, which I know you know. It is a process, you are leaving and that means mourning and loss.And you are going somewhere, that means some fear of the unknown.Something is being born – and that always hurts some, but then becomes a miracle.Peace to you my friend.


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