From high in the spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral where I can only imagine that Archbishop Tim Dolan has carved a little nook out for his personal reflection time in which he types out his thoughts on, you guessed it, a new blog.

The Archbishop makes a good point today on healthcare.

The Catholic community in the United States hardly needs to be lectured to about just healthcare. We’ve been energetically into it for centuries. And we bishops have been advocating for universal healthcare for a long, long time.

All we ask is that it be just that — universal — meaning that it includes the helpless baby in the womb, the immigrant, and grandma in a hospice, and that it protects a healthcare provider’s right to follow his/her own conscience.

This is what the President says he wants; this is what we bishops say we want.

Indeed. Now let’s see if we can all get together and make it happen.

A h/t to the good deacon.