So I made it through my first day at the new office. I organized bookshelves and generally got things situated. I will be speaking over on the North Campus on Wednesday (tomorrow night) on discernment and we had a staff meeting today, which was loads of fun. Basically it’s an opportunity to let others know what we’re doing and to reflect on the upcoming Sunday gospel together.

We’ve moved into our new digs. Haze the dog especially likes the new place and has found plenty of places to curl up in a ball and snooze. God bless my wife who is unpacking boxes faster than the flash. Only 20 more to go, she tells me!

Prayer for me this week has been interesting as I have been reflecting on Sunday’s scripture readings in advance of a reflection on them I’ve been asked to give. It’s also World Youth Day Sunday, so I’m trying to tie the readings into that theme. Bartimaeus, the blind man is the central figure (besides Jesus of course) in this week’s gospel, so I’m thinking about themes of blindness in my own life. In some ways I’ve gone into this job “flying blind” not knowing what to expect, not expecting much of anything in fact, except to be present to Christ and to students in new and some old ways.

So we have plenty of places to reflect. I’m going to spend some time in prayer this evening with the gospel and see what imaginative places God might lead me. Might you join me? Here are the readings. Enjoy.