So I’ve started to “re-learn” how to drive this week. I took Sr. Jeremy’s (my colleague and the Pastoral Associate at St Joseph’s University Parish where I now work full time) car around the UB Campus twice and didn’t kill anyone else. My stress level didn’t jump much and at worst, I was probably driving a bit too slow. I take a professional lesson this morning to get used to being in traffic and will attempt to bring Sr Jeremy’s car home tonight if all goes well there. At nearly 40 years old, it’s not lost on me how stupid this sounds. I mean this is something that most people learn and never have to re-learn.

So today pray for my own nerves and my own confidence with this. And pray for all driver’s that they realize their responsibility on the road not merely for themselves but for their passengers, pedestrians and fellow travelers.

Our Lady of the Highways (and even of the parking lot), pray for us (and me!).

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  1. When I go home to Western PA, I'm always relieved that I haven't forgotten how to drive!

    (But, yes, sometimes I find myself going to slowly.)

    Many prayers for this adventure!

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