Hope your New Year is as good as my 2009 was.

From left to right top row:

1) My high school reunion which we planned on facebook. Class of 1988 Saunders HS in Yonkers. Awesome to see these folks again.
2) Where I always felt close to God–on a BustedHalo Retreat. Here in the library at Oak Ridge was the last team that I trained to lead a retreat. They are some of my favorite people. Jay, Jonathan, Maria, Kathryn, Joan, Abigail and Diane
3) A great happy picture of Haze the dog
4) Interviewing Paul Jarzembowski of NCYAMA with Pope Benedict XVI standing nearby.

Second row
1) Me taking the tour of the Mets’ new home Citi Field.
2) At the after-party of Charis Ministries partners conference. Briana Colton, Fr. Mike, Jenene Francis, Catherine Mifsud and me.
3) On tour in Baton Rouge with my book.
4) St Joseph University Parish rolls out the welcome wagon

Third row
1) My beloved Marion and I at the family Christmas party
2) In Chicago with my world youth day compatriots: Briana, Melissa and Lori: Blessed art thou amongst women!
3) Christmas 2009 with Santa Claws, better known as Haze the Dog.
4) Citi Field with the old Shea Stadium Apple with college buddies Vic and Kevin.

Fourth Row
1) Blogger’s Breakfast with Fran Rossi Szpylczyn and Paul Snatchko.
2) My wife, Marion and I at the breast cancer walk where we walked for our cousin and survivor, Angela.
3) Scoreboard at the first-ever Mets game at Citi Field.
4) Panel discussion at Catholic U with Melissa Cidade