Weather permitting I will be at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, the land of my wife’s sister and her family. Looking forward to speaking over the next few days and being near family. We just took part in the grand family Christmas party (pictured here) last weekend which gathers most of my wife’s large Italian family together. Always a fun time.

So I will attempt to do some blogging from the road, time permitting. Some updates from my new work:

Student leaders are poised for next semester and that makes me happy. We’ve done a lot of thinking about next semester and now I feel a bit more confident for the following semester on UB South.

My colleagues on UB North are looking forward to the opening of their newly built Newman Center next semester as well. So that’s exciting also.

I should start pod and videocasting next semester as well. So stay tuned for that. Toying with some names. I own and have a small website tied to it for brief updates from our ministry but it needs more work, thinkest I. Am really considering “Catholics in the Buff” for its provocative name. “Buff Catholics” or simply “U in the Buff” also sounds good to me.

Most of the students are in graduate school so time is of the essence for many of them, so I am grateful to all of those who dedicate just a bit of their time to the ministry and hope that this will grow over time.