God Moment of the Decade #1: New Orleans

The first of our many “God Moments” to come from Eileen Hooper Chapoton who is from the Loyola Institute for Ministry in New Orleans.

She writes:

On January 14, 2009 my husband, Michael was laid off from his job unexpectedly with a bank. I left my job in 1991 as the Alumni Director with Loyola University New Orleans to stay home and raise our young children. I had a couple of jobs between 1991-2009, but most recently was operating a home based business. As soon as we found out about Michael I went to the Loyola website to see what jobs were available. They were looking for a Manger of Recruitment and Promotion for the Loyola Institute for Ministry. I applied, never dreaming I would be their choice. I knew with the economy, my husband’s age (59), the state of the banking industry it would be very difficult for him to find something locally. The real estate market being terrible, the idea of selling our home would be impossible. We lived in Bay St. Louis when Katrina hit and lost it all. We later moved 11 miles north to Diamondhead and houses were not selling at all. Our daughter became engaged in December and the wedding date was June 13, 2009.

During the interview process I turned it all over to God and kept saying “Your will God…whatever is your will.” All along I was thinking “What are we going to do about healthcare?”

When Tom Ryan, the director called to offer the job, I was in shock. Never thought they would hire a 57 year old women that had been working at home. I started April 13, 2009.

Now I will admit, the pay is extremely low, but I have health care! I love my job, I love taking classes, I love spreading the word about our programs that assist the Laity of the Church to answer God’s call of spreading the Good News! My husband is working, the job does not offer health care, we are together making two thirds of what he use to make…..but we have health care! God is providing all we need!

Indeed, sometimes our prayer is one of surrender and when that happens we are open to the expectation that God will give us what we need. Not merely what we want, but most certainly, what we need.

Send your “God Moment” of the last decade to mike.googlinggod@gmail.com

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