30 Years Ago It Was No Miracle: It Was AWESOME

I was 10 years old when the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team upset the Russians, arguably the greatest hockey team in the world and then went on to beat Finland and capture the Gold Medal. For some reason however, with apologies to Al Michaels, I never liked the term “Miracle” being fawned on this group of hard working young athletes. It seemed condescending to me. And often I think that people have low expectations of college students and of young people in general.

My favorite player on that team was the Goaltender, Jim Craig. Jim is a motivational speaker today and he seems to agree with me. See for yourself.

And to find out where these great athletes are today, check this out:

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  1. Via Facebook

    From Mary Sperry

    Mary Sperry Al Michaels just did a wonderful retrospective. He talked with Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig, and Mark Johnson. They all talked about how much conditioning work they had done. Coach Brooks made them work incredibly hard so they’d be able to PLAY 60 minutes. It paid off. In the third period, they outscored their opponents 16-3.


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