Becky Eldridge from the Everything is Holy Now Blog shared this reflection the other day that provides fodder for this morning’s reflection:

(My son, Brady) came up to me and said, “Mom, lean down.” I bent over, and he whispered, “You know what, mom, I love you more!”. (This is the closing line from a story we were reading). My eyes filled with tears as I wrapped my arms so tightly around my grown up little man, embracing not only him, but the huge moment this was for me to hear him say this.

Brady’s words meant so much to me. At the same time, it reminded me that God is always whispering to us in so many ways …”Hey, I love you more!”. God loves us more than I love Brady or Abby or Chris. God’s love is infinite and unconditional. It is so hard to wrap my head around that fact that God loves us more than I love my kids, but God does.

Today may we hear the loving whisper of God and be able to whisper back the words, “I know. And because I know I am able to love with great abandon.”

Lord, teach me to know your love
When I don’t feel much like loving
When I’m grumpy and tired
Or annoyed and frustrated
Teach me to respond from a place of love.

Bless those today who do not know love
And help them to find you
And to feel the love you offer
So that they may be able
To love perhaps for the first time

And to live in God’s love forever

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