Living in Buffalo allows me the opportunity to watch CTV on my cable system which is interesting because they are the host country. I really liked seeing Wayne Gretsky during the opening ceremonies and it’s great not to have to see an “American-Centric” olympic coverage.

Also, Vancouver was the first place that my wife and I went on a vacation together (along with Victoria, BC). It’s a great, great city and I hope they don’t get known for their bad weather since they’ve had a number of delays.

I’m also part-Canadian. (Y’all thought you knew me). My grandfather (mon’s dad) was from Sorel in Quebec and I’ve travelled extensively in Canada and have loved it immensely. My dream is to retire to either Quebec City or Victoria.

That being said, I’m rooting for the Canadians to win the gold in Hockey. Although the Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is also the USA goalie–so I’m also hoping that he does well.

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