Donna Freitas the author of the acclaimed book Sex and the Soul comes to Buffalo on Wednesday Feb 24 for a candid discussion on sexuality.

Dr. Freitas’s book is essentially a listening session for people who wish to be a fly on the wall on American college campuses to hear what young people are doing sexually and moreover, how they find the “hook-up” culture wanting despite that being the sexual norm on most campuses.

Freitas also gives great insights on Evangelical campuses which have the polar opposite environment. Purity is the yardstick there. Women hope to get the “ring by spring” and their world revolves around finding a husband and keeping themselves pure for him lest, she be deemed unworthy.

Freitas criticizes much of the sexual landscape as being derogatory to women, especially the theme parties found on campuses like “CEO bros and Office hos” where men dress like executives and women like their seductive secretaries. Yikes!

Freitas’ bottom line is that young people tire of this environment and find the whole thing wanting. That was expressed to me by some of my college interns at BustedHalo®. One young man in particular noted that “The girls dress to the max just to go to a bar. While the guys get to ogle them and the bottom line is that none of us can just relax and chill together. Sex is always the bottom line.”

The lecture for those in the area is at 6PM on Wed the 24th in Allen Hall on the South Campus of the University at Buffalo.