Today’s first reading from the book of Daniel tells the story of Suzanna, or more aptly the story of a woman who was falsely accused only to have Daniel come to her aid. Her accusers are put to death for their wickedness, which troubles me until you get to the gospel today which gives us a choice and either reading is about judgment which Jesus reserves for God.

Are we too swift to judge? It’s an easy thing to do. Republicans today stand in judgment over a health care plan that hasn’t even succeeded or failed yet. Democrats cry foul and point fingers at people who may have legitimate points about the shortcomings in the plan. Perhaps this should be a pox on both houses? What if we simply cut out our own partisan tendencies and admitted that everyone needs health care and worked together to insure that this is te case. Those of us with health care don’t really have to worry, after all.

Beyond the political (sorta), do we assume that we have people all figured out? Do we place people in categories without giving them a fair shake? Or do we really listen to people as God does hearing people’s intentions and understanding their point of view?

Today let us pray to the Holy Spirit for freedom from our own judgements and biases so that we might be able to come together and work for the benefit of all.

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  1. I often pray that I may not judge, and it’s quite difficult not to have my own biases about people and things. But whenever I find myself judgmental, I remember the verse from Luke 6:37 where Jesus says “Judge not and you will not be judged”.

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