It never gets easy to leave my wife and Haze the Dog for a week no matter how much fun I know lies ahead on our trip to New York.

For the first disciples the words that Jesus tells us… that people will leave mother and father and wives for the sake of the gospel…had to be tough to swallow. And yet it had to be n exciting time.

We don’t know much of anything about the disciples families. It had to have been tough on them for these men to risk all they had for Jesus. The fact that most of them were martyred must have left many sad and in need of Jesus’ care. And perhaps there is where we find their great hidden faith.

I often think that the wives and families of these great heroes of our faith must have been the greatest primary source for the gospel writers and indeed they wanted to preserve a legacy for their husbands.

So today let us pray for the spouses of lay ministers and the families of students who travel and give up the party scene for some time in service. They keep us honest day to day and let us see Christ deep within our family life. May they be comforted in lonely moments and prayerful in uniting their hearts with ours for the poor.

You indeed give a great sacrifice in giving us the gift of your husbands, wives, or children.

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