Angie Jackson has taken micro-blogging to a whole new level.

The New York Daily News reports one of the more tasteless stories I’ve heard about in a long time. A woman live-tweeting and you tubing her abortion by using RU-486 in order to “demystify” abortion.

Angie Jackson is an athiest who can’t stand that people believe in God–which is really the point of her video channel where she uses the moniker antitheistangie.

“I’m doing this so other women know, ‘Hey, it’s not nearly as terrifying as I had myself worked up thinking it was.’ It’s just not that bad,” Jackson said on her YouTube video.

I won’t post her video here because I don’t think she needs any extra publicity from me but here’s some thoughts:

1) Athiests just can’t stand that religion informs some people’s opinions and they can’t seem to unhinge themselves to “live and let live” but then use the same argument when religious people say that they believe abortion to be murder.

2) Ms. Jackson has a child with special needs and that is why she’s choosing abortion. Once again, I wonder how much support might have been offered to her to help her raise not only her unborn child but also her child who has special needs. Clearly fear is at the heart of this, even if she keeps repeating that the procedure is “not that scary.” It may indeed not be, but that doesn’t make it any more moral.
As I often say…If we really cared, this wouldn’t be a problem.

3) This is bizarre. Clearly this is a woman who needs to bring attention to her own cause. And in this case it’s not merely abortion, but rather atheism. However, technology has made it to the point where indeed in a free society people can post anything they please.

4) She’s received death threats and her son has as well. I’d like to take a moment to apologize to Ms. Jackson for those in the so-called pro-life movement who have disparaged her and threatened the life of her and her family. It’s amazing how people who are pro-life will resort to threatening murder and some even carrying it out. Um…last time I checked we were against murder. Ms. Jackson, I don’t agree with what you are doing, but I also see no need for people to issue threats and vile words towards you.

Now all that being said, I think this woman is a bit bizarre and hope that she stops giving people too much information and keeps her atheism to herself.

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  1. 1- Atheists are speaking up because it is not a matter of whether t theist thinks abortion is wrong, if that was the case it would be a non-issue, it is because your opinion is constantly fought for in the courts.

    2- because you don’t know means that your speculation is not a good idea. Now if you offered and she said no then you can say something but as an Atheist she will be denied a lot of assistance.

    3- Posting anything they please just like you did? Freedoms go both ways and just because you think what she said was repulsive it was likely informative to another. I think your demonizing her without knowing her is repulsive.

    4- This is a shame.

    She will start keeping her Atheism to herself when you, and everyone else, keeps their religion to themselves. And stop making laws based on your beliefs as well.

    I am not picking a fight I am just pointing out why what you said was very bias in the way you condemn her for being.

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