Lord, our week is nearing completion. We need to leave the poor and head home. How will we be changed when we get home? How has this experience changed me? What did I think before I came and what do I think now?

Who has changed me? Was it a child of the Bronx? The homeless in the bus station? A teen who ran away from home? What drives such desperation? How am I called to respond?

It is sometimes easy to ignore the homeless in our own part of the world. When we immerse ourselves in another culture, we find it hard to ignore those in trouble. And we know that over two-thirds of the world live on less than $7/day. So these that we have served are hardly the most in need world-wide.

Where are you calling me, Lord? Where are you calling these young men and women?

We wait and listen for you to come again…and tell us more.