We went to Mercy Center in the Bronx which serves the largest lowest income bracket in the United States. They do an English as a Second Language class for mothers and while mom is learning, staff and volunteers take care of the children. Like our videos at Covenant House, I will name our students but not the names of the children they are with for the child’s protection and privacy. Most of the children did not know English but we made it work nonetheless.

Here’s Steph dancing the afternoon away. Te gusta bailar:

Marie, a UB sophomore, goes shopping:

And finally yours truly, gets into the act. Along with Zach, a college senior at UB.

And an additional note, I whipped out my iPhone to show a picture of my dog, Haze to a child. The child was mesmerized and loved seeing the dog and giggled his way through some photos and videos of my dog. My final word on the matter is to say:

“Do you see how dogs and technology can indeed change the world.”