It seems sickness has hit the family. I’ve got a slight sinus thing going on. I blame Megabus for first, leaving us out in the rain while we waited a ridiculous amount of time to load onto the bus. Secondly, a nearby passenger reported that all of her housemates were sick with the flu, so 8 hours on a bus with a carrier isn’t a good thing.

Haze the Dog is also very sick. When I arrived home he wasn’t his usual happy self. He had been “acting out” while I was away, but I suspected that something more was up. Sure enough, he wouldn’t eat the next day, which is clearly unusual. I let him fast for a day thinking that he might just have been overfed with treats, but on the second day he still refused his food and his treats. Then he threw up. So off to the vet who suspects either intestinal inflamation or pancreatitis. The latter is a bit more serious but he should be OK. He’s eating baby food (beef flavored) and was able to keep most of it down. So pray for my buddy, who brings me much life and love. We don’t have kids and while a dog is not a child, he is a living being that needs love and care.

Lastly, I’ll have more footage from our alternative break this week. Hope you like them.

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  1. Hi, Mike

    So sorry to hear you and Haze are not well.

    Get well soon both

    I’ve sent his Hazeship a little note


    < (UK GMT Tuesday 16th March 2010 17:23pm) Heavenly Father, Please help us in our time of need, You have made us stewards of Haze If it is Your will, please restore him to health and strength. I pray too for other animals in need. May they be treated with the care and respect deserving of all Your creation. Blessed are You Lord God, and holy is Your name for ever and ever Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation.

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