While Pope Benedict’s trip to Malta was widely considered a good one and he should get much praise for meeting with people who had been abused, the Vatican once again showed their inability to use media to their advantage.

Most importantly, four very provocative questions were given to the Pope from young people struggling with their faith but also pointing out the need for the church to listen. The National Catholic Register
published all of these questions on their blog –I can’t find any video on this anywhere. But instead of having the Pope respond directly to the questions, he simply read from a prepared statement.

Talk about missing the point…

Here’s question #1:

I wish to speak on behalf of those young people who, like me feel they are on the outskirts of the Church. We are the ones who do not fit comfortably into stereo-typed roles. This is due to various factors among them: either because we have experienced substance abuse; or because we are experiencing the misfortune of broken or dysfunctional families; or because we are of a different sexual orientation; among us are also our immigrant brothers and sisters, all of us in some way or another have encountered experiences that have estranged us from the Church. Other Catholics put us all in one basket. For them we are those “who claim to believe yet do not live up to the commitment of faith.” To us, faith is a confusing reality and this causes us great suffering. We feel that not even the Church herself recognizes our worth. One of our deepest wounds stems from the fact that although the political forces are prepared to realize our desire for integration, the Church community still considers us to be a problem. It seems almost as if we are less readily accepted and treated with dignity by the Christian community than we are by all other members of society. We understand that our way of life puts the Church in an ambiguous position, yet we feel that we should be treated with more compassion – without being judged and with more love.

We are made to feel that we are living in error. This lack of comprehension on the part of other Christians causes us to entertain grave doubts, not only with regards to community life, but also regarding our personal relationship with God. How can we believe that God accepts us unconditionally when his own people reject us?

Your Holiness, we wish to tell you that on a personal level – and some of us, even in our respective communities – are persevering to find ways in which we may remain united in Jesus, who we consider to be our salvation.

However, it is not that easy for us to proclaim God as our Father, a God who responds to all those who love him without prejudice. It is a contradiction in terms when we bless God’s Holy Name, whilst those around us make us feel that we are worth nothing to him.
We feel emarginated, almost as if we had not been invited to the banquet. God has called to him all those who are in the squares and in the towns, those who are on the wayside and in the country side, however we feel he has bypassed our streets. Your Holiness, please tell us what exactly is Jesus’ call for us. We wish you to show to us and the rest of the Church just how valid is our faith, and whether our prayers are also heard. We too wish to give our contribution to the Catholic community.

Wouldn’t you have just loved to hear the Pope speak pastorally to this person in front of his entire country and directly address his concerns?

Read the rest of the questions here. They come from a seeker (above), a committed Catholic, an engaged couple and a young man studying for priesthood.

If the Vatican is smart they post the Pope’s direct responses to these on their website.

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  1. Did you read the Holy Father’s response? It wasn’t missing the point at all.

    He’s done impromptu Q&A before, especially with priests/young people on his vacations. No idea why that wasn’t pursued here … but, at least as I read it, what he did say seemed to respond to this firs question that you mention.

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