I just returned from the Collegeville Institute in Minnesota where we discussed “vocation” in reference to college students. We’re not merely, talking about religious vocations to the priesthood, religious life or ministry fields. Instead we are talking about a common vocational call, or an awareness of that discerning voice within all of ourselves.

We discussed the issues that face college students and a thought came to us. How DO college students make decisions? Is there a person or institution they turn to first when it comes to making a life decision? Such questions could include: Where should I work? Does this job sound good to you? How can I develop skills and be more in touch with my own gifts and desires? Is there a place you go to sort things out and try to gain clarity? Each one of these questions carries much weight in making life’s decisions. So what do you do?

I’d like to start a discussion on this and carry it out over the course of this week. Asking different kinds of vocational questions, especially of those of you who are presently on campus: studying and ministering to those who do study. What do you experience?

Many have weighed in on this on facebook already so I place their posts below.