Last night I had a group of friends over and someone brought up a belief in paranormal activity. My wife tends to believe in certain aspects of that while I remain skeptical of much of this.

Gloria, one of our dinner companions, asked a great question: “What’s the strangest thing you believe in? Like the most out there kind of thing that would make others say hmmmm, I’m not sure I can believe that.”

After reading the book, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, I have come to believe that exorcism and possession is real. So I talked about the findings in that book. Another talked about haunted houses.

What might it be for you? Surely there are lots of things we can’t explain, but what universals might have sprung from your own experiences?

A quick spooky story that has been told in Fordham circles. The old Rose Hill library now serves as the home for the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies and the Theology department. When I was an undergrad it was still the University’s main library though. The legend was that the place was haunted by a kindly old Jesuit who was a philosophy professor. One night a young freshman was writing in the North Stacks for a Philosophy paper and a Jesuit walked in and asked him what he was studying. The student admitted that he was struggling with the subject and the kind old Jesuit pitched in to help him finish his paper.

The following week the young man was called into the professor’s office and accused of plagiarism. “You couldn’t have written this paper, these ideas are a bit antiquated but brilliant.” the professor said.

The student admitted that an older Jesuit helped him but that all the ideas were his own.

When he revealed the Jesuit’s name, the professor told him it was impossible that he could have helped him because he had been dead for over 50 years!

So is this the story of a ghost or a crafty student trying to weasel his way out of an assignment?

Who knows? What might you think?

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  1. I am not sure which of the two is stranger? That God, the Creator of the universe, who is perfect unto Himself, and has no need of any thing I can offer decided while I was a still a sinner to become man and die on a cross that I could live with Him forever; or that as a priest of the Roman Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ in the year 33 A.D., I can at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, by the power of the Holy Spirit, change bread and wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of my Lord and God, Jesus Christ, and that Jesus wants us to consume Him so as to be in a personal, physical, and intimate relationship with Him.

  2. There is also a story of an old lady who walks in the hallways of Hayes Hall at night on the UB South Campus.

  3. Our faith is supernatural in the neutral sense of the word. Not woo-woo spooky, but transcending the natural and physical world. Why would we presume that this expansive creation consists only of what we can empirically verify? Centuries of human experience tells us that there is a lot we don’t understand or control. Some day I’ll tell you about my first night in a haunted chateau in France.

  4. I agree with Mike, you gotta finish that thought Other Father Larry, this is a worse cliffhanger than the end of the original Italian job. In regards to my own strange beliefs I have to say that I believe in intelligent life on another planet or galaxy. I do not believe that the star gazettes headlines are accurate, but I do believe that other forms of life do exist. My evidence, nothing. I also agree with Father Larry that our faith is supernatural in a way, it sometimes proceeds what we can actually reason.

  5. Oh btw, how I could I forget one of my most unexplainable beliefs. Every year, bar none, I believe in Buffalo Sports. And every year they let me down. Welcome to Buffalo Mike.

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