From CBS News

(AP) RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) – A Northern California woman says her Chihuahua died protecting her children from two pit bulls that got into her apartment.

Mayda Estrella, of Richmond, says the family’s Chihuahua, named Manchas, jumped in between the canine invaders and her 4-year-old son Sunday. A pit bull grabbed Manchas with its jaws and carried the Chihuahua away.

Contra Costa County animal services officials say the Chihuahua was killed, and the pit bulls are now in custody.

Folks, make sure your animals are well-trained and if they are not, then make sure they are properly secluded from places where they can cause harm. Haze is extremely loyal to me, but I know he has issues with other dogs and with small children. I work with him weekly with a trainer (Michelle at Petco on the Blvd–for those in Buffalo!) but I also have to be careful with him and can’t let him off his leash unless I know he can’t get away from me.

But I truly believe that if a dog (or anything or anyone else) threatened my life, Haze would do just as Manchas did. How far would we go for those that we love?

More importantly, how far does God go?

All the way to the cross.

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