For all of you who think that blogging doesn’t matter…

I received this surprising note from my newly married colleague Amy Smith McEntee.

Dear Mike,

Confused by the subject line? Well, actually, I was surprised, too, but it turns out that you played a special role in the nuptial Mass my *husband* (SO love that word…) and I celebrated yesterday.

When meeting with our priest for wedding preparation, he asked Pat and I what we would say if we were writing a wedding homily. Oddly enough, we hardly had suggestions for him. However, after reading your blog post from August 4, I e-mailed the link to Fr. Dave. I believe my email just said, “This is what I believe marriage is about.”

Yesterday, to my surprise, Fr. Dave ended his homily with a (slightly modified) reading of the end of your blog post, beginning with the Prince of Tides quote and ending with “For in that choosing, we find God. And who could ask for anything more?” 🙂
All he added after that was, “Count your blessings.”

In doing that, I have to count you, your ministry and friendship. 🙂

Thanks for being part of our special day.

with love in Christ,

OK–so I spent the rest of the morning crying happy wedding tears and writing an invoice to Amy’s wedding officiant for $47.95. =)

In all seriousness, congratulations to the happy couple. I’ve only known Amy for a short time, but she has been an amazing colleague and her new husband is a lucky man indeed.

Blessings all around.