Isn’t it obvious?

I think I’m going to hire a photographer to simply take pictures of my wife and I throughout the day because we’d probably have at least one of these shots per day. And I need those reminders.

We often focus on the negative. What is it in our relationships that we really need to work on? What flaws should we address? This is probably 90% of what happens in relationships when we say we have to work on relationships and marriages, right? We immediately go to the negative and we think about “fixing” something.

But perhaps “gratitude” is more important?

We got into a relationship for a reason and perhaps examining what drove those passions and ignited those early fires is well worth doing. It awakens us to those feelings and reminds us of them, even when times might be tough. My parents have been married to each other for 60 years and they often would talk about reconnecting throughout their marriage and sometimes they’d suggest that they weren’t always good at it.

Whether a friendship, a marriage, a career, a family–ask yourself today not just what needs to be fixed and not merely what keeps these relationships going. Rather, ask yourself where is the passion in these realationships–and then celebrate that by remembering and rejoicing in all that God gives to us with renewed passion and gratitude.

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