From MLB Fanhouse:

In a display of team unity, and deference to Josh Hamilton’s well known past struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, the Texas Rangers celebrated their American League Division Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays with a shower composed of Canada Dry ginger ale rather than the customary one of champagne and domestic beer.

Nice! Some will quickly say that “just a little bit wouldn’t hurt him.” But those are the folks who just don’t understand addiction. Hamilton is powerless over his alcohol addiction (admitting that is the first step). And in a world where drinking is often linked with celebration, that can be a dangerous place for someone who is a recovering alcoholic.

Hamilton is one of the people who has been pretty public about his struggles and I commend him for that. This celebration should be a signal to many of us to be mindful of those who might not be able to control their drinking at parties, celebrations, social occasions, etc.

It’s also an opportunity for us to ask us if we know enough about addiction? Do we really understand it? Or do we shove the addicted person off to the side and say “He did it to himself?”

Today let’s pray for all those caught in addiction’s grasp and may we be able to reach out to others when they need a friend to help.

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