This was brave of Snoopy’s best friend.

Pets give us so much of themselves. I was asking Fr. Jack about whether he had dogs before his Old English Sheepdogs (Ripley and Quigley) the other day and you could see the sadness wash over him as he spoke of Duffy and Ryan, his old Golden Retrievers. My friend Jenene had to put her cat, Mickey, down a few weeks back and I could feel her grief on the phone.

We prayed the rainbow bridge prayer for those animals who have gone before us at our St. Francis day celebration and those who have experienced the loss of a pet all had those knowing looks.

I most likely won’t have this experience anytime soon, as Chihuahuas live to a pretty old age. But when I do I know it will be crushing for me. Haze has become a trusted companion, never leaving my side when I am home, except to escape for some peaceful solitude in his crate. A good friend who knows that he too, needs his space sometimes.

Some theologians posit that there are no animals in heaven. A dastardly thought, to be sure. For if these animals brought us joy, than God is sure to make all things once again new.

Today rejoice in the newness of God’s creation. Pray for those who are union with God and are united to us in prayer.

And if you have a pet, go on a long walk and frolic in the sun. For each day is gift and the love received, unconditional.