So when I was at WFAN Radio I had served as one of the many producers on the Steve Somers Show for some time. I was more of a fill-in actually. We were never a good fit together but we liked each other and would make each other laugh.

Since Steve is Jewish he would lament that there were no Hanukkah “carols” other than the dreidel song. Adam Sandler has since righted that wrong, but main producer Eddie Scozzarre (THE Eddie Scozzarre?) and I, along with Steve, came up with titles of just a few:

Frosty the Snowmench
Have Yourself a Very Merry Shabbat
Rudolph the Red Nosed Rabbi

And my favorite that I wrote an entire song for:

I’ll Be Home for Brisket. Sing along at home….

I’ll be home for Brisket
You Can Bet your tush!
Please have snow but no mistletoe
Instead..a hanukkah bush!

Hanukkah will find me
Where the menorah gleems
Oh, I’ll be home for brisket
So make mine ex-tra lean!

Here’s wishing all of our Jewish brothers and sisters a continued Hanukkah blessing and best wishes for the New Year. And to Steve Somers, keep schmoozing!