So on the anniversary of the death my college buddy, Dave Connors, I was recounting old stories to my wife as I drove her to work. I regaled her with stories of Dave’s stand-up comedy act. He did a killer Katherine Hepburn impression and claimed that Axl Rose from Guns and Roses was Katy in disguise. (Picture Katherine Hepburn singing “Whooooooaaaa….OOO…OOO…Sweet child o’ Mine!”

Ya had to be there, I guess.

He’d tell a bad joke on purpose and he’d set up the sucker punch:

“Well…THAT went over like a fart in church!”

Dave may have been 100 pounds soaking wet…so when he’d claim that he was taking the night off from his other job to do stand up…the crowd would roar. His other job, sayeth him, was at Chippendales.

I often backed him up there by the way. Hey, we needed the money!

After talking about his great wit, I dropped my wife off at work and then, turned the car around and started to get weepy. As I turned into the driveway, feeling sad and laughing at the memories at the same time the most amazing sunrise flowed all over my car amid the snowflakes and frigid air. And because Dave loved music I hit a random radio station and the words of Glass Tiger bellowed through the speakers….

“Dooooooon’t Forget Me When I’m Gone…Or my heart will break….
I have loved you for so long…It’s All I can Take.”

Coincidence…I think not. And you won’t convince me otherwise.

And so I leave you with the cheesy 80s video of Glass Tiger performing the aforementioned song. For those who knew him…remember. For those who don’t… remember those you loved who have gone before us.