It never fails. I always get sick right around my birthday. And with two days from the feast of Hayes, I have one of the worst sore throats I have ever had. I suspect strep throat, but the doctor will confirm today.

I’ve done all the home remedies. Gargling with salt water, chloraseptic, sweating it out under the covers and they’ve provided some relief but it’s far from over. I can’t swallow and eating is limited to liquids or soft foods (cereal, soup, pudding and the like). Tea has become a good friend as well. On the upside, I’ve lost 4 pounds! I remember the last time I had strep I lost about 15 pounds! Not the best weight loss plan but I’ll take it.

Ironically, I started working out again on Friday, so between back and leg soreness and my throat, I have been completely wiped. I had all I could do to watch the big game last night.

Sickness gives one some time to reflect on health. St. Paul reminds us to glorify God with our body. My pal, Fr. Tom Ryan, who is in the best shape of anyone I know is someone who I admire greatly. The guy is so active. Yoga, skiing, biking. The first sign of sunshine and he’s out there. I’ve noticed that this is a trait of anyone who lives in cold weather cities. They really appreciate the sunshine and the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the good weather and I am quickly becoming like that myself, now that I live in Buffalo. I have a long term goal to run a 5K this summer. Ben, my trainer is determined to get me there. So pray for us, for health and for me so that Ben doesn’t kill me. =)

Being with the med students and knowing how cranky and depressed I get when I get sick, I can’t imagine treating one cranky patient after another. So let us pray today for the sick and remind ourselves of them when we are well and not just when we fall ill. Let us pray for those who treat illness and who study and find cures through research. And let us pray for those for whom there is no cure. May God comfort them in their final days and their families as they help them prepare for their journey home to our creator. Amen.