This past Sunday we had a wonderful time preparing 8 couples for marriage at St. Joseph University Parish. We received a grant to overhaul our marriage program and were grateful because we do almost 50 weddings a year here.

So we’ve created a marriage mentorship program and gotten a good deal of the married couples involved in being mentors and companions for the couples preparing to give themselves to one another for a lifetime.

Yesterday was our first crack at this and we really hit it out of the park. We had 5 couples lead the day, offering witness talks on fair fighting (My wife Marion and I), budgeting, marriage as sacrament, families of origin and changes through life.

The couples were very attentive and one of the marks of a good pre-cana program, I think is creating an atmosphere where people can feel free to show affection openly to one another. When I saw couples holding hands, walking arm and arm, putting heads on shoulders, I knew we were on the mark.

So congratulations to the whole team but especially to Deacon Ted Pijacki and his wife Carole for being the glue that held us all together.

So on this Valentine’s Day, please pray for these couples that are entering into the Holy Sacrament of Marriage soon. May they love each other more and more each day.

And for my bride, who I was so proud to stand with yesterday and tell our story, know that our love continues to grow and stand the tests of time that come our way. I love you, Marion and am so happy and proud to share our story with others.

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  1. My dear sweet, Mike, I love you too. I was just telling my aunt how happy I was to tell the story of how we met. I loved yesterday! Ted and Carol did a fantastic job! They really know how to talk to the couples and make them feel welcome! The romantic dinner at the end was wonderful espcially with Valentine’s Day today. I could see the couples cuddling and showing how much they loved each other. They looked very interested when we gave our talk and everyone who gave talks did a great job!

    All around it was a smooth eventfilled day and I can’t wait to do it again!

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