As you all know, all too well, I love dogs. When you tell people that you love dogs they tend to give you dog-like stuff. I have photo frames and figurines and a whole load of dog accouterments.

We’re a dog friendly workplace, Ripley and Quigley are Fr. Jack’s Old English Sheepdogs. Sr. Jeremy loves these dogs and Quigley never goes anywhere without her. So I thought this would be an appropriate gift for another dog lover.

I know while I’m working I like to be reminded of my dog and how much he loves me. So I hope that Sr. Jeremy can be reminded of how much we love her and how much love she had given to both her four and two legged friends.

0 thoughts on “Day 6: 50 Day Lenten Giveaway: The Doggie Mousepad”
  1. Enjoying the Lenten Giveaway
    Most touching gift so far (leaving out the Valentine): Gonzo
    Most spontaneous reaction: Sr. Jeremy noting that Mike had greater potential in the Lenten loser contest than she did!
    Looking forward to the next day.

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