Did you ever get to know someone while taking a trip together? World Youth Day in Sydney was like that for me. My colleagues from Charis Ministries were with me on the trip to Australia to see the Holy Father. I made a lot of friends that week including this one:

One of the great challenges of the spiritual life is staying connected and I think I often use things as a poor substitute for genuine connection. The flag was getting in the way of me actually communicating with Brianna. I’d settle for just remembering instead of reaching out to her and our other colleagues as well. Sometimes pictures serve the same purpose. We settle instead of becoming inspired to connect once again.

Lord, may I always reach for others instead of settling for a memory. You gave us your own body and blood so we never have to settle for mere memories, but rather, you always give yourself to us completely. May I be more able this Lent to give my body and blood for those who need me and may that sharing bring me closer to you. Amen.

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