Two friends were able to adopt a child from an orphanage we visited in Nicaragua, so I had these books from when we were thinking of adopting and now they can have them. I hope they can use them.

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  1. Mike just wanted to say thank you for thinking of us and our family! Moises LOVED the book. We told him the little baby was him and changed a few things in the story to make it his own personal story. After I read it he hugged the book and took it to his room to sleep. The next morning I peaked in on him at 5:30am and he was sitting in his bed trying to read it to himself and saying that it was him in belen and Mommy and Papi came to get him on the plane and we were all so happy. It was really sweet and meant a lot to him and us!! We will definetely try and put a life book together for him. Thank you for being a good friend! Hope to see you soon.

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