So I haven’t given away too many things to my friends who I’ve met through blogging. The four that I give away today goes to 3 people I’ve met in person and 2 that I do not.

So the five in question are….

The three I’ve met in person:
Deacon Greg Kandra of the Deacon’s Bench
Fran Rossi Szyplczn of Let There Be Bread and St. Edward’s Blog
Paul Snatchko of Between the Burg and the City
And now, for the two I have not met:
Br. Dan Horan of Dating God
and Fr. Austin Fleming of A Concord Pastor Comments

Y’all get something….

0 thoughts on “Day 47: Good Friday: 50 Day Giveaway: 5 Bloggy Friends”
  1. Thank you, Mike! Your friendship (and Marion’s) has been one of God’s great gifts to me. And, I’m honored to be in such good company with other fine bloggers!

    And, your gift is most appropriate — and not only because of topic. I’ve met Ray Suarez and had a conversation with him. He’s a fellow arts and science grad from NYU.

  2. Well now I watched the video… Mike you make me smile! Thank you for the nativity and one from my favorite place, Jerusalem. And one that Bill McGarvey gave you, that is so nice.

    My last name is soooo easy… Szpyl-czyn… Spill-sen. Or as one of the older ladies at my work parish says, “I just think of confession, where I go to spill sin!”

    What an honor to be in this group, what a privilege to call you my friend. And this video is so going into my annual online faith presentation at the RCDA Spring Enrichment program!!

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