A Terrier Mix did the unbelievable this week. After being caught in the Twister and missing for weeks, the dog dragged his two broken front paws all the way home. Telegraph has details:

Dogs have ways of teaching us things. How far do we go to reconnect with our master? I know that there have been times that I’ve avoided confession or prayer. There are times I avoid the homeless or those that need me. When I’ve gotten hurt I’ve focused on myself and not about how I might find those who love and support me.

But true joy lies with the master. It’s why my dog wags not merely his tail but his whole body when I come home. He knows the value of reconnecting and his joy comes from seeing the one who he knows will always love him. Marion and I saved him from a shelter and I think his gratitude runs deep. And as I write this he sits with me on my sofa with his nose inches away from my typing fingers, hoping for a scratch now and again.

Dogs realize that we are more than enough for them. But do we have the same feeling about our master? God is really more than enough for us, but can we really trust and rest in that fact. Or do our restless hearts seek more than God? It is in that restless separation that we are caught in the twister. We toss and turn with the wind and we get hurt. Even with all of that we don’t think about dragging our broken selves back to the one who can heal us, forgive us and make us whole again.

Haze, my dog, has just started licking my face now. He truly can’t get enough of me. Today, just for a moment, remember that God can’t get enough of us either. So if it’s been awhile, why not drag your brokenness to church for a Saturday confession or an anticipated mass? It is there that you will be at peace once again and come into the presence of the master, the one who can’t ever get enough of us.

I’m heading out now, to play with my dog.

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