From today’s NY Post:

A Catholic church in Ireland has provoked outrage among its parishioners after announcing plans for a Mass to pray for the “soul” of Osama bin Laden.
The Church of the Assumption in the affluent Dublin suburb of Howth distributed a leaflet to parishioners during its Sunday services that included details of the service.
Listed under “Mass Intentions” for Thursday in the church pamphlet distributed yesterday was a call to prayer for “Osama Bin Laden (Recently Deceased)” during that day’s 10 a.m. Mass.
Parishioners were immediately incensed, saying the idea of praying for the al Qaeda leader was an “insult,” particularly with the upcoming visit of President Obama to Ireland.

I think all churches should respond by doing the same. Perhaps not a mass particularly for bin Laden, but rather a plea to pray for our enemies and for those enemies that have died that they might in death turn towards the light that is God.

But I wouldn’t be completely opposed to a mass for Bin Laden either.



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