One of the best parts of conferences is bonding with other ministers in the field. Here Joe Mazzawi from Cornell and Bryce Roberts from Toledo spend a quality moment.

There’s one thing I’ve realized. I really thrive when I like those I’m around. I need a positive and a non-competitive, more collaborative environment.

Here at this conference, we’ve all found things to bond over: issues we’ve faced, problems that haven’t been solved, sociological facts and how we interact with students and faculty.

I love the Frank J Lewis institute because younger ministers bond with people in the same boat, facing the same insecurities and they hope to gain knowledge from others who are a bit more seasoned. What we often find are similarities rather than differences.

Perhaps that’s why we come to these things. To build indifference. To know that no matter what happens, God will see us through.

We can rest well in that and be joyful because we are all on the same journey, sharing our stories of how we have met the Lord.