OK, so you know I love the Muppets and therefore this movie is on my must see list.

Kevin is amazing. I’ve seen him interviewed with Elmo a few times and he’s really got the whole “He’s Elmo, I’m Kevin” thing down. When Donny Deutch of NBC asked Elmo about a contract, Elmo rebuked him and reminded him that Elmo doesn’t know anything about those matters. “Ask Mr. Kevin. Elmo doesn’t know about that!”

But my favorite Elmo story comes from my former colleague at WOR, Heather Cohen. She loved Elmo. I even gave her an Elmo doll for her birthday one year. She also had an Elmo watch. When it broke, her husband, Michael, went and got the watch fixed. Her comment was:

“It cost him $125 to get the watch fixed. Too bad I only paid $75 for the watch itself! So he’s a schmuck! But he loves me!”

Today let us pray for artists, that they might express themselves with the vigor that Kevin has done with his enthusiasm for his now beloved character. May they move us to express ourselves and what we are passionate about to others.

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