So I was watching classic TV episodes with my wife last night and found this gem which I think is one of the funnier TV scenes of all time. The show is Taxi, which I also think is one of the more classic TV shows. Just watch:

Impeccable timing and not a foul word in the bunch. My good friend John McDermott is the program director over at Sirius XM radio for all of the comedy programming and he often tells me that the old guys were far funnier than any of the newer comics. Their sense of timing was just so much better. Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Dom DeLuise, Red Skelton, even Billy Crystal who’s much younger but still has a superb sense of timing, are all some of my favorites.

Who do you like of today’s modern comics and what TV shows and movies have you found to be classics?

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  1. I’ve been rewatching “Cheers” episodes lately. Man, that was a great show! The writing was terrific and there was such fantastic ensemble acting, too. I remember all the uncertainty when Diane left; would the show be able to go on? And then Kirstie Alley came in, with an entirely different kind of character, and the show went on, good as ever. Truly one of the best shows of all time, in my book.

  2. I love Stephen Colbert. He manages to make being Catholic simultaneously crazy and fun, which it totally is.

    I will also admit to loving How I Met Your Mother despite the crude language and general scandalousness. It’s just so hilarious, and it has its redeeming moments. I know that doesn’t make it okay, but I like it anyway.

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