Yesterday was All Souls Day and we pray for the dead throughout the month–a very Irish thing to do.

We Irish always seem to be obsessed with death, no? I know I find it fascinating and yet gloomy–a departure and still a celebration of new life. Death cannot be a permanent separation, nay, it is not a separation at all as we remain united forever through the Eucharist–God’s saving power over death and destruction.

And so, I chose this rousing version of my favorite blessing. When I pass from this world, I hope it comforts those I leave behind as the ancient words always comfort me when those I love leave the tangible world of sight and sense to unite with God’s pure love.

Eternal rest, say ye? I say never. May all the dead feverishly pray for us who need their prayers. And may we pray that our trust in the mercy of God be not in vain, but rather help our belief in the divine forgiveness and our acceptance of God’s great love for us.

And may we hold all our dead in our hearts this month, and always.

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